Ethical Review Committee
SL. Name & Designation Position
1. Professor Dr. M. Osman Gani Talukder, Vice-Chancellor Chair
2. Prof. Dr. Md. Jawadul Haque, Coordinator, Department of Public Health, VU Member
3. Prof. Abu Naser Md Wahid, Coordinator, Department of Law and Human Rights, VU Member
4. Prof. Dr. Shah Azam, Department of Marketing, RU Member
5. Prof. Dr. Md. Shahidullah, Director, Institute of English & Other Languages, RU Member
6. Prof. Dr. Md. Faizar Rahman, Coordinator, Department of Sociology, VU Member
7. Prof. Dr. Md. Khademul Islam Molla, Coordinator, Department of CSE, VU Member
8. Dr. Md. Moazzem Hossain Khan, Professor, Department of Economics, RU Member
9. Dr. Md. Azizur Rahman, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacy, RU Member
10. Md. Akbarul Hasan Millat, Publisher and Editor (Acting), The Daily Sonardesh, Rajshahi Member
11. Most. Hasina Momtaz, Deputy Director, Social Service Department, Rajshahi Member
12. Mowlana Fahim Mahmud, Pesh Imam, Central Mosque, RU Member
13. Prof. Dr. Md. Kamruzzaman, Coordinator, Career Center, VU Member Secretary
TOR as per decision of the EC of Research Center, VU:

The Objectives and Functions of Ethical Review Committee (ERC) are as follows:

  1. ERC is an autonomous and independent committee in regard to its functions and will not be influenced by the administrative authority.
  2. ERC preserves the full autonomy regarding clearance in respect of ethical aspect of the research proposal.
  3. ERC will act as an autonomous technical committee of the Varendra University.
  4. ERC will be formed for the duration of 2 (two) years considering a year from January to December and it will be sent to VU Syndicate for its approval each time.
  5. ERC will hold a meeting every 3 (three) months regularly and may call urgent meeting any time.
  6. Half (50%) of the members presence is needed to fulfill the corium.
  7. Scope of modification, if needed in future, is preserved.
Functions of ERC:

  1. ERC will make comprehensive review of the research proposal submitted to it giving more importance to ethical aspects specially in regards to research design, implication of study to the community, informed written consent confidentiality, dignity and autonomy of the research subjects, benefit and harm to the subject, etc.
  2. ERC will review and provide their opinion to all the research proposals that will be done in the Varendra University or will be done by the researchers of the Varendra University.
Basic elements of the review by ERC:

  1. Ethical aspects of the research with special attention to:-
    • Possible benefit and risk of the study subjects,
    • Dignity and confidentiality of the study subjects,
    • Informed written consent,
    • Autonomy of the study subjects,
    • Community consideration in respect to benefit of the study,
    • Culture, customs, belief and religion of the study subjects in relation to study design,
    • Care and protection of research participants,
    • Ethical aspects in relation to aims and objectives of the study, methodology, utility of the research findings, recommendations, publication plan, researcher’s right and right of the research participants, etc.
  2. Recruitment of research participants.
  3. Care and protection of research participants.
  4. Protection of research participants’ confidentiality.
  5. Informed consent process.
  6. Utility of the research findings.
  7. Community consideration.

Prof. Dr. Md. Kamruzzaman



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