Executive Committee of Institutional Review Board
SL. Name & Designation Position
1. Professor Dr. M. Osman Gani Talukder, Vice-Chancellor Chair
2. Prof. Dr. Md. Jawadul Haque, Coordinator, Department of Public Health, VU Member
3. Prof. Abu Naser Md Wahid, Coordinator, Department of Law & Human Rights, VU Member
4. Dr. Kaniz Habiba Afrin, Head, Department of Business Administration, VU Member
5. Prof. Md. Shahidur Rahman, Head, Department of English, VU Member
6. Prof. Dr. Md. Faizar Rahman, Coordinator, Department of Sociology, VU Member
7. Prof. Dr. Md. Shahid Uz Zaman, Head, Department of CSE, VU Member
8. Md. Satil Siraj, Coordinator, Department of JCMS, VU Member
9. Prof. Dr. Tarannum Naz, Coordinator, Department of Pharmacy, VU Member
10. Dr. Md. Habibullah, Head, Department of Political Science, VU Member


Rezwana Sultana, In charge, Department of EEE, VU Member


Prof. Dr. Md. Elias Hossain, Coordinator, Department of Economics, VU Member
13. Prof. Dr. Md. Kamruzzaman, Coordinator, Career Center, VU Member Secretary
Note: During review of the academic research concerned Head of the department and other two members of that department will be co-opt as members of IRB during the review.

Functions, Objectives and Composition of Institutional Review Board (IRB):

An Institutional Review Board of Varendra University has been reformed on 01th January 2020 by the Vice Chancellor and was also duly approved by the Syndicate of Varendra University.

IRB is a most powerful, autonomous and independent committee in regard to its functions and will not be influenced by the administrative authority.

IRB preserve rights to give clearance of the research proposal directly or can send it back to the principal investigator for modification(s) before clearance or can reject the proposal totally.

IRB will act as a technical committee of the Varendra University.

IRB will coordinate all and through summary to the University Syndicate meeting every 6 months.

IRB will hold a meeting every 3 (three) months regularly and may call urgent meeting any time.

Two third of the members’ presence is needed to fulfill the corium.


Functions of IRB:

  1. IRB will make comprehensive review of the research proposal submitted to it giving more importance to scientific standard in regards to methodology, implication of study to the community, informed consent and autonomy of the research subjects, benefit and harm to the subject and ethical aspects.
  2. Before starting the research work, IRB will review and provide their opinion to all the research proposals that will be done in the departments or institutes of Varendra University or will be done by the researchers of the Varendra University.
  3. After departmental approval of the research proposal by the post graduate students as an academic part for the thesis or dissertation works should submit their proposals to IRB for final clearance i.e.; IRB will provide final clearance to the proposal of the thesis or dissertation works.



Basic elements of the review by IRB:

  1. Scientific design and conduct of the study.
    • Justification of predictable risk and benefit
    • Justification of the use of control
    • Criteria of withdrawing participants
    • Criteria for suspending or terminating the research
    • Publication plan, etc.
  2. Recruitment of research participants.
  3. Care and protection of research participants.
  4. Protection of research participants’ confidentiality.
  5. Informed consent process.
  6. Utility of the research findings.
  7. Community consideration.

Dr. Md. Kamruzzaman



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