Mission & Vission


Besides the development of thoughts and the building of a refined personality, one of the main targets of education is- securing a satisfying career. But most of the graduates, confined within only classroom walls and prescribed subject-specific syllabi, fail to avail the practical knowledge that is essential to face the reality after graduation. As a result a significant portion of them find themselves lost in the real world, not knowing which profession to choose and how to choose it. Varendra University, realizing this need to assist the graduates in choosing an appropriate career for themselves, has established its Career Center that operates to offer the graduates the special training they need to be “industry-ready”. Specifying the problems our graduates face here is not so difficult and as a result the Center offers training on English and Computer skills. These are the two most important components of practical skills which our graduates struggle with. The Career Center of VU is dedicated to offer courses that are carefully designed to meet the needs of our graduates. It trains the graduates to master the practical, creative and professional English and also some basic and advanced level computer skills. Trainings on interpersonal skills and etiquettes are also offered systematically so that the graduates can use them in their real life. The Center also aims at bridging the gaps between the academia and the job sectors and as a result plans to invite experts, from different fields, to take special sessions and offer our graduates worthwhile guidelines so that they can pursue their goals effectively. Moreover, keeping “higher education” in mind, the Center also offers sessions on how to apply for higher studies home and abroad. In trying to apply in any foreign universities for any degree or diploma, graduates most of the times fail to surf the internet effectively. To remedy that, Career Center offers expert guidelines so that our graduates can prove their worth anywhere in the world.


1. Enhancing employability of VU graduates

2. Making VU graduates industry ready

3. Bridging gaps between theoretical and practical knowledge of VU graduates

4. Establishing connection with industry for ensuring employment of VU graduates


1. Enhancing English Skills

2. Enhancing Computer Skills

3. Arranging job fair

4. Arranging workshop on writing CV, cover letter, statement of purpose for higher studies

5. Arranging lecture by professionals

6. Workshop on professional and organizational etiquette and communication


Dr. Md. Kamruzzaman



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