English: Creative and Professional English

ENG-102: Creative and Professional English

Course Code: ENG-102

Course Duration: Three (3) months

Session Duration: 2 hours

Prerequisite: ENG-101

Course Description: 

The Creative and Professional English course is designed mainly to prepare the students for the job sectors where English proficiency is mandatory. There are some advanced level English components here that will enhance the linguistic sophistication of the students. One of the main focuses of this course it to familiarize the students with the English culture and to train them in such a way that they can communicate creatively in English. That is why special emphasis has been put to “imagination” and “writing skills” with the job-orientated activities that will prove to be beneficial for the students in the future. Also there are components that will help our students to pursue higher education in home and aboard. 

Course Outcomes: 

  • Students will be more confident to use English as the medium of communication 
  • Students will be market-ready 
  • Students will learn official communication and official decorum of communication as well 
  • Students will be equipped with all the necessary English knowledge to face challenges in the job sectors  
  • Students will learn how to be expressive and also the art of promotion 
  • Students will learn how to use English creatively 

Recommended Books for Reading: 

E.L. Tibbits (Ed.) Exercises in Reading Comprehension         

Compiled by R.A. Close The English We Use                                 

Simon Greenall and Michael Swan Effective Reading 

Recommended Books for Writing: 

Andrea M. Lunsford et al Easy Writer 

Prof. Ataul Haque English Writing Skill 

L. Sue Baugh How to Write-First Class Business Correspondence 

Rajendra Pal Essentials of Business Communication 

Prof Ataul Haque English Writing Skills 

Shirley Taylor Model Business Letters, Emails and other Documents

Anne Cole Brown Houghton Mifflin English Grammar and Composition

Recommended Books Listening (for other components as well): 

Cambridge IELTS Book 1-13 

Learning English – BBC (http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningenglish/) 


Dr. Md. Kamruzzaman



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