Real Data Analysis and Interpretation with IBM SPSS

Course Title: Real Data Analysis and Interpretation with IBM SPSS

Course Code: SPSS-301

Course Duration: Three (3) months

Session Duration: 2 hours

Prerequisite: None

Course Description:

IBM SPSS is a revolutionary software mainly used by researchers which helps them to process critical data in simple ways. Generally working on data is a complex and time-consuming process, but this software can easily handle and operate data using some statistical techniques. These techniques are used to analyze, transform, and produce a characteristic pattern between different data variables. In addition, the output can be obtained through graphical representation so that a participant can easily understand the results. Participant also understands the factors that are responsible in the process of data handling and its executions. More quickly understand the large and complex data sets with advanced statistical procedures that help to ensure high accuracy and quality decision-making. Moreover, the participant can easily select and manage this software using flexible deployment options without typing a single line of command syntax.

Course Outcomes:

Upon completion of the course, the participant should be able to:

  • Enter, editing, coding, cleaning, estimating missing values and managing data for statistical analyzing.

  • Prepare frequency distribution and appropriate graphs, charts, tables for presenting data as the most effective ways and also compute the value of descriptive statistics.

  • Compute the value of correlation and regression coefficients for interpreting the relationship between two or more variables and also carry out hypothesis testing.

Topics Covered by Session


Topics Covered


Session 1

Introducing SPSS for windows and its different version with their main features

Oral test

Session 2

Define code, decode, variable, value labels and case

Oral test

Session 3

Rules of naming variable, variable types and level of measurements

Oral test

Session 4

Transforming, compute variables, rank cases using different techniques, transpose of data file, insert cases, insert variables, compute data using different built in functions


Session 5

Introduce different statistical techniques and make their inference by real word data


Session 6

Measuring descriptive statistics, cross-tabulation and explore real data


Session 7

Terminology statistical inference and perform different statistical test


Session 8

Application of experimental design with real data set


Session 9

Concepts of correlation and regression and their application in real data


Session 10

Basic ideas of non-parametric test and applications


Session 11

Applications of multivariate analysis techniques


Session 12

Field level application using a suitable problem that assigned course teacher


Recommended Books for Reading: 
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  2. Elliott, A.C.; Woodward, W.A. (2016). IBM SPSS by Example-A Practical Guide to Statistical Data Analysis, 2nd ed., SAGE Publications, Inc.
  3. Morgan, George A.; Leech, Nancy L. & Barrett, Karen C. (2019). IBM SPSS for introductory statistics - use and interpretation, Rutledge Academic.
  4. IBM SPSS - SPSS V.23 Guide (2016)


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